Tofterö.se develop all sorts of packaging, from design idea to produced and implemented packaging. We are the ideal partner especially for small or medium sized companies with none or small in-house packaging organization. How does it work? You have a great product and need packaging to sell the product in retail, e-commerce or B2B. We create design suggestions, develop a packaging concept that is effective in cost and production as well as for the sales channel and your brand. We solve the production with our supplier network or with your own suppliers, prepare for implementation or even do the implementation in your kitting line. We do all these steps or as many as you need. Tofterö.se is flexible and work with a package deal or with your agency and/or supplier. We develop packaging for your product that reflect your brand and attract your customers and focus on effective production and logistics’ solutions to decrease unit cost. Our professional network includes production companies of cardboard, flute and plastics in Sweden, Europe and in Asia, brand agencies and logistic specialists.


WHEN DESIGNING a packaging it is of course important to consider the product, the brand, the customer and the sales channels but you should never forget to take into account how the packaging is going to be produced, transported and implemented in the kitting factory already in the design phase.


When DEVELOPING A CONCEPT the design should be integrated with all other requirements in the best possible way. Within a defined time line and cost interval the packaging design, construction, size, material choice and communication leads to efficient production and logistics.


PRODUCING one packaging usually requires several suppliers for different parts and materials. Finding new good suppliers require time and knowledge. Therefor I can offer you a network of very competent suppliers for both high and low volume production, in Sweden, Europe and China.


TO IMPLEMENT PACKAGING in one or many kitting factories requires instructions of how to pack the kit, which order and the process flow. Sometimes new machinery or simple fixtures are needed to make it effective or decrease cost.



My wide packaging competence from working at global companies and big brands as Sony, BRIO, Sony Ericsson and Ericsson has given me an exclusive knowledge and experience. As Tofterö.se I have the opportunity to practice what I am most interested in, the whole packaging development chain from idea to production and implementation.
19 years of packaging experience in global companies

To me a good and functional packaging depends on both the technical and visual design. Having a beautiful packaging that attracts the customers on the shelf is good but if it doesn’t communicate the benefit of the product inside most customers won’t understand how to use it or why to do the purchase. A beautiful packaging with relevant communication is still not enough if the product inside isn’t protected by the packaging and breaks. Material and technical design has to be carefully chosen. With all above assets you are on your way, but are the cost just as good? To get a relevant packaging cost the packaging has to be designed for effective production and logistics.


    The best result in packaging development is reached when technical and visual designs cohere.


    A good packaging concept respects all stakeholders’ requirements, but weight them differently.


    Good packaging concepts respect all stakeholders’ requirements, but weight them differently.


    An efficient and social spider is necessary to weave the big net together.


Earlier work
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Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Sony Mobile Accessories
Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH80 for Accessories at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, in co-operation with UXC Graphics team.
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Bluetooth watch

Sony Mobile Accessories
3rd generation Sony Bluetooth watch
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Flat box portfolio

Sony Mobile Accessories
Standardized closed box for Sony Mobile Accessory standard Products. In Co-operations with Sony Mobile UXC Graphics team.
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BLutooth Lady Watch

Sony Ericsson accessories
Premium box for a bluetooth lady Watch MBW-200. Made for the Accessory division at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, in co-operation with Karolina Ellfors at Sony Ericsson UXC team.
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Design Collection

Sony Ericsson Accessories
One bag frDesign Collection
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Design Collection

Sony Ericsson Accessories
Design Collection of female bags for Sony Ericsson mobile phones

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